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Achievements and Accomplishments

Mobility Cycle Service and Repair
Program participants independently service and repair their mobility cycles in the workshop building. Average daily use is 6 kilometers (3.6 miles).

First India-made Mobility Cycles
Mobility Workshop participants have now fabricated and assembled the first India-made mobility cycles. Their first production run is 50 completed units.

Dairy Barn
Using tooling in the Mobility Workshop, India program participants fabricated all of the framing for their new dairy barn in Thandrampet. The barn was completed in August 2006, and now supplies milk to hundreds of children in South India.

CD of Traditional Tamil Folk Songs
Children have practiced songs and prepared a CD of traditional Tamil folk songs for raising funds to support their programs.

Design Improvements
More than 30 significant design corrections or improvements suggested by the children have been incorporated into 2nd generation models.

Advances in Quality of Life
Terre des Hommes staff reports that the children and their families have developed bonds with one another and have resolved many of the issues arising from neglect and isolation. The natural development of social skills and simple loyalties to one another has resulted in many examples of kindness and generosity that the staff finds inspiring in light of the previous issues of depression and suicidal inclinations, especially among the older girls and young women.


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