Mobility Without Barriers Foundation (MWBF) is an international humanitarian organization that has developed safer, more versatile assisted-mobility options for children and adults with disabilities. The new designs are all-terrain, multiple-gear mobility cycles that resolve many of the difficulties associated with conventional push rim and tricycle wheelchairs.

Fresh, practical and innovative approaches to the issues of disability are possible based on new technology that dramatically improves the range of travel and ease of use for individuals with disabilities who are propelling themselves on rough roads or hilly terrain.

In Ethiopia and India, MWBF has also designed and implemented programs for children and youth with disabilities that address issues of isolation, illiteracy and poverty. Program components foster inclusion, increased self-esteem, independence, and genuine opportunities for the pursuit of meaningful livelihoods.

MWBF is a 501(c)3 nonprofit foundation with headquarters in Vermont and Country Offices in Ethiopia and India. Patents related to these mobility cycles have been licensed to MWBF for nonprofit humanitarian purposes worldwide.

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