Robert Cowles

Robert Cowles
Founder and Chairman

Early in his life, Robert Cowles developed a strong interest in cycling and learning to fly. While his formal training was in classical music, he also studied Chinese calligraphy and Kyudo archery with well-known masters from China and Japan.

A prominent theme throughout his life has been to ask the question, "What more is possible?"

Cerebral palsy and a difficult case of diabetes have required a significant amount of Robert's attention since childhood. However, he has not allowed the limitations of his physical circumstances to distract him from his source of inspiration.

In 1995 Robert fractured his leg and developed an infection of the bone that required several serious medical interventions. This led to his dependence on a conventional wheelchair.

From the first day, he made a vow to give his full attention to the idea of exposing the conventional wheelchair as an archaic piece of mechanical engineering. "Something better is possible and necessary."

Robert has had every intention of fulfilling the promise he made that day, and now comes very close to having done so. His example of purposefulness and perseverance continues to have a strong impact on everyone who comes to learn about his foundation.

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